Clucking Swine Smokehouse

We’re not just great food, if you fancy a drink then come find us in Conisbrough. We have a great bar and seating area for you to chill and relax either on your own or with friends and family.

Little Oinkers - Pigs in blankets

100% Fresh Daily

Our Meats

Our meats are fresh, with pork supplied by Anna’s Happy Trotters and 100% free range, and our chicken supplied by local Garrison’s butchers.

All meats are farm to fork, reared and butchered in England ensuring local farmers benefit from local businesses.

Smoked Belly Ribs

The Meats we offer

Our staples are naturally in our name, Clucking (chicken) and Pig (Pork). That said, seasonally we’ll also be offering other meats such as pulled lamb, beed briskets and others.

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Supplied and butchered by Anna’s Happy Trotters

Beef & Lamb

From time to time, like easter, you’ll also find other meats on our menu. Keep an eye out!


All sourced locally through Garrison’s Butchers in Conisbrough.


Naturally fed, and free range!

Sadly, only 1-2% of pigs are bred to fully free range standard in the UK. Thankfully Anna’s Happy Trotters are fully free range!

Get yours now

Fancy a quiet night in and want to order rather than popping down for a drink, no worries, order online!

Ordering directly through our website is our preferred method and we’d appreciate you taking that option. This offers the most support to our small business.

Straight From the Farm

We Believe in Quality

We hand blend all of our own rubs and dusts from scratch, using our own recipes.

Our sauces are lovingly made in our kitchen, based on over a decade of experimentation and feedback.

Our meats are fresh, covered in our own blend of spices and herbs before being left to  marinade and finally being placed on the smoker.

Our meats are smoked between a couple of hours (chicken wings) all the way up to 10+ hours depending on the size and cut of the meat.

From Our Family

To yours



We’re not just a restaurant and takeaway, we’re also a pub too!

We offer a range of drinks includings wines, spirits, largers, and ciders. Our handpull pumps are rotated regular offering drinks from local brewers including Jolly Sailors.

We look forward to welcoming you into the bar this weekend!

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