Pink Meat!

It’s not raw, it’s smoked.

Why is it pink

The first thing to clarify is that it’s not blood, and it’s not raw.

When slow smoking BBQ there is a chemical reaction that occurs between the myoglobin and the gases (nitric oxide and carbon monoxide) produced during the cooking process. It’s this very same reaction that creates the smoke ring you often hear about when discussing smoked BBQ. If you cook faster, the myoglobin breaks down, but when slow smoking that doesn’t happen.

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Our Mission

Is to provide you with a taste of perfectly smoked BBQ.

Those that love smoked BBQ, LOOOOOOOOVE it!

We’ve been smoking BBQ for over a decade, and we believe our special blend of rubs, dusts, and sauces make the perfect companion to our loveingly smoked meats!


All of our smoked wings and other chicken products off the grill and are then fried for crispness to an internal temperature of 75°C (167°F) and stays there for more 30 seconds.

We use highly accurate Thermopens.


    Depending on the cut of pork, we smoke between 75°C and 96°C.

    Pulled pork for example, that is perfectly pull apart once it hits 96°C. Once we take it of the smoker we let it rest for a couple of hours in our dedicated hothold. We add some honey and butter too. Then once ready, we pull it apart for service.

    Ribs we pull between 75°C and 80°C. We then rest them in our hothold for service. This allows the ribs to still have a little pull as you bite the meat of the bone.

    Other Meat Products

    We’ve smoked fish, duck, beef, and lamb as specials so far. So, do keep an eye out for those specials. We can also do these for special prepaid events too.

    Smoking temperatures vary depending on the meat.

    UK Food Standards Agency

    The UK Foods Standards Agency recommend the following:

    Standard advice is to cook food until it has reached 70°C and stayed at that temperature for 2 minutes.

    The other time and temperature combinations are:

    • 60°C for 45 minutes
    • 65°C for 10 minutes
    • 70°C for 2 minutes
    • 75°C for 30 seconds
    • 80°C for 6 seconds

    If you fancy more reading, one of our most favourite BBQ joints to eat at in the UK has something to say about this. Reds True BBQ <— click here

    *dons lab coat*

    Myoglobinis a protein stored in muscle, which when mixed with water takes a pink appearance. When exposed to high temperatures, myoglobin breaks down to give a consistent white colouring across the whole piece of meat.

    As we smoke our chicken at a lower temperature for a much longer period of time, the myoglobin doesn’t fully break down. This creates a pink tinge to the meat – the same reaction that causes the smoke ring you see on our brisket and ribs.

    If you’re ever near a Reds True BBQ, make sure you go in and grab some meat!

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